How to RESPOND to an ESCORT Ad:

  1. DON'T BE SHY - The reason an Escort places an ad is because she WANTS you to call...
  2. START BY SAYING WHERE YOU SAW THE AD - This helps the Escort know that your call is legit. It also shows that you know the details, so that there will be less likelihood of "bait & switch".
  3. BE STRAIGHTFORWARD - If you’re trying to "get a feeling" to see if you’ll like the Escort, that's OK – just ask, "Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?" If she doesn’t appeal to you, just say, "Thank you"... If there's something specific you want to know about her, don’t be shy... NOW is the time to ask - that's why you're calling her. Don't leave it 'til later - you might both be disappointed if you do.
  4. CRANK-YANKERS - The reason that you're making a call is because you're interested in SEEING an Escort... Get to the point! Escorts don't appreciate crank-yank fantasy calls. If you're calling just to "get off" and waste their time with phone-sex, you will likely have your number entered into a BLACKLIST, and then you really WILL be fucked...
  5. DON’T MAKE A BOGUS APPOINTMENT - A lot of guys will book a FAKE appointment because they're reluctant to "disappoint" the Escort, or "hurt her feelings"... But the fact is that there's nothing MORE DISAPPOINTING than a douchebag - and this is exactly what douchebags do! If you're not interested, just SAY SO, or let her know you're "just checking" – it’s not PERSONAL, until you MAKE IT SO... otherwise, it's just a business call. If you make a BOGUS APPOINTMENT, you risk being put on an ESCORT BLACKLIST – and then you'll NEVER GET LAID...
  6. NEGOTIATING – Most Escorts that post a rate will not negotiate it. However, if you have any questions, NOW is the time to bring it up! (If you wait to do it until you get there, you might just be wasting YOUR time, and HERS.)

Sex-for-pay is against the law in many jurisdictions (such as the US). In these instances, discussion of sexual services over the phone may be unsafe and is usually unwelcomed. Remember that when you book an Escort you are technically NOT PAYING FOR SEX -- you are actually just paying for her "time and companionship" only... ANYTHING ELSE that may happen, happens freely between consenting adults...   Get it?

What TO DO when you get there:

  1. DON'T STINK - Taking a shower beforehand doesn't hurt.
  2. BE ON TIME - If you're running late, it's best to let her know in case she's booked another appointment and won't be able to give you your full time.
  3. HAVE THE PAYMENT READY - Don't wait for her to ask for it. Most Escorts prefer it if you PLACE the payment on the table or dresser, instead of handing it diirectly to her.
  4. EXTRAS - If you pull a "surprise", and request something that was not agreed upon beforehand, she may ask for more pay. Don't "act surprised" or be disappointed if this happens.
  5. DON'T BE A DOUCHEBAG - You will likely be entered into an ESCORT BLACKLIST, and all Escorts will block your phone number.
  6. WHEN YOUR TIME IS UP, BE READY TO GO - Don't wait until you get "kicked out" - if you want more time, it will likely cost you more (if she doesn't already have another booking).